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Message from the committee

In this era of technological advancement and open mindedness, it’s getting more and more difficult for us as teens to relate with our identity, which is in Christ. We find ourselves getting comfortable with just being Christians and knowing we are children of God. However there’s more to knowing our identity. In light of this, God would love to extend a hand of invitation to you for this year’s camp

We pray that your hearts are prepared for what God has for you, for He longs to fill you with the knowledge of His Will for you through wisdom and understanding that comes from His Spirit. This is to help you be set apart to live a life worthy of Him and be fruit in all areas of your life!!! Isn’t that wonderful? Join us as we Level Up in Him!!


About six years ago, I attended my first camp. I had heard so many testimonies from my family and friends about their camp experiences and I went with an expectant heart. I was not disappointed or let down. That particular year, after struggling with my identity and a bit of depression and addiction, I rededicated myself to Christ and I’ve never been the same again. Teen camp has always had a way of rejuvenating my Spirit and filling me with an extra zeal to continue my walk with Christ. The five days spent at camp always come by so quickly and I leave wanting more and more of God. The atmosphere at camp is a blissful and peaceful one, and I’m always able to pour out my deepest grievances and burdens at the altar of God. About two camps ago, I remember writing down my prayer topics in a little book of mine. I had backslidden and I remember telling God I didn’t want to go back the same. And true to his promise, I left camp feeling loved by God and determined to live for him. Every single prayer topic I wrote and prayed about was answered one after the other. Some not the exact way I wanted it to but it was clearly the work of God. I wrote the particular results I wanted in my WASSCE, and I committed my university admission into his care. I was torn between two schools, although I preferred one more than the other, I asked God to choose for me. Lo and Behold, after a lot of deliberations and events, I ended up in University of Ghana. When I look back, and I think of the people I’ve met and experiences I’ve had because of the school I ended up in, it can clearly be seen that God had a hand in it. I passed my WASSCE as well. At another camp, I went with a particular prayer topic. I had lost a friendship that was very dear to my heart. I prayed and cried to God to restore the friendship for his Glory. When I went back to school, with little effort from me, the friendship was restored beautifully, and we grew to become even closer than before. There’s nothing in your life irrelevant to God. There’s nothing too small for God and God cares about each and every little thing we care about. Camp always teaches me to take my walk with God seriously and provides me with fundamental knowledge for my Christian walk. Camp always leaves me edified with heavenly knowledge, as well as a restored and peaceful heart.
I have always longed for a closer relationship with God just like my sister had and I thought it wasn’t going to be possible ever till I came for camp last year .Last year’s camp was my first ever, my sister introduced me to camp. I knew there was God , I had my quiet time but you know that fire deep inside you mine had been quenched,it wasn’t burning like I wanted it to. Camp brought me closer to God, it helped me build a very close and knit relationship with my father in Heaven. I felt the father’s love for me far more than I could have imagined . I am lost for words for how good he is been to me , how life has been after camp and what he is continuing to do for me My testimony is the song “ you are my strength, strength like no other ,strength like no other. Reaches to me. you are my hope, hope like no other , reaches to me . In the fullness of your grace. In the power of your name , you lift me up , you lift me up . Unfailing love ,stronger than mountains , deeper than oceans . Reaches to me , in the fullness of your grace , in the name of your name , you lift me up . Your love oh lord ,reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness reaches to the skies, you are my strength......”
Maame Yaa