1. How much will it cost to attend camp this year?
    This year’s camp will cost each camper a highly subsidised fee of GH¢200.00.
  2. What’s the age range for teen camp?
    The age range of camp is from 12-18 years.
  3. Where can I make my payments?
    Payments can be made at the Ridge and Manet Church Offices which open from Mondays through to Fridays and on Sundays after service at the registration desk.
  4. Can I receive a refund after having made payment?
    Camp fees, once paid, are non- refundable.
  5. Will there be transportation arrangements?
    Yes, there will be transportation arrangements on the first day of camp from Manet and Ridge church respectively.
  6. How long is camp?
    Camp is going to start on Wednesday and ends on Sunday. (Five Days)
  7. Will we be served food or will we have to provide our own.
    Food and water will be served.
  8. Who are the organizers of camp?
    Members of Accra Ridge Church Youth Fellowship.
  9. Where is camp going to take place?(the location)
    Camp is taking place at the Presbyterian Women Centre, Abokobi